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The Governor of Louisiana re-opened churches,  other select venues on Friday, 15 May.  As a result we have re-opened our building for worship services as of Sunday, 7 June.  We cleaned, sanitized, and set up Social Distancing barriers in the sanctuary to be used until all restrictions are removed and members are comfortable that their risks have diminished to a minimal risk.  

Sunday a.m. Bible class: 9:30-10:15;   Sunday a.m. worship: 10:30-11:30;   Wednesday p.m. Bible study: 6:00-7:00 (To Be Determined)


     Welcome to the Opelousas Church of Christ!  Are you interested in learning more about the Bible? Are you seeking the pure Truth contained in the Bible? We are too, and would like the opportunity to seek the Truth together. It is evident from the religious world today, even the “Christian” religious world, that there are a lot of people claiming to have the Truth, yet teaching vastly different things. How can we know what the Truth really is? How can we know for sure what God expects from us?

When it comes to important spiritual questions, we simply want to take God’s word for it!  If the idea of being part of the church that you read about in the New Testament is appealing to you, we invite you to visit with us, contact us for a study, or just send us your questions. We will be glad to study God’s word with you so that, together, we can more completely understand what God expects of his people.

We are moving forward eagerly, being blessed to have a man who can bring us the Gospel with energy and excitement that encourages us to be shining Christian lights in our community.  We invite anyone in Opelousas and the surrounding area who has attended this congregation in the past or anyone who has had questions about our congregation to visit us and see that we are striving to stay true to God’s plan and preaching only the Truth.  We do not preach opinion.  We speak ONLY where the Bible speaks and we remain SILENT where the Bible is silent.  Give us a chance to show you that we are striving to do ONLY what God shows us through direct command, example, or necessary inference.  We want to stay true to His Holy Word.  God Bless us all in this righteous endeavor.

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